Opening Hours

Open Daily
9.30am – 4.30pm

Closed Thursday


Barista Coffee

We serve Casa Espresso’s Charlestown espresso blend as standard, sourced and roasted by hand in small batches right here in West Yorkshire to ensure it’s the freshest coffee possible. This blend uses a 50-50% mix of Sumatran and Brazilian beans to give hints of Caramel, Chocolate and Biscuit, with a strong yet pleasant taste, perfect on its own or mixed with milk.

Espresso – £1.95

Macchiato – £2.25

Cappuccino – £2.45

Latte – £2.45

Latte Macchiato – £2.45

Flat White – £2.85

Mocha – £2.85

Add an extra shot of coffee or syrup for 45p

We have decaffeinated espresso and whole, semi skimmed and soy milk available, please inform a member of staff if you have a particular preference.

Guest Single Origin Coffee

We regularly change our guest coffee, pop in to try our latest batch!

Percolated – £2.25

Cafetiere – £2.85

Cold Brew – £2.25

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate – £2.45

      –Deluxe, with whipped cream, marshmallows and a flake – £3.15

Babycino – £1.45


We serve Yorkshire Tea, Brew Tea Loose Leaf and Twinings bagged, pop in to see our range this week

Yorkshire Tea                  – For One £1.85

                                       – For Two £3.45

Bagged herbal and fruit – For One £1.65

                                       – For Two £2.95

Loose Leaf                     – For One £1.95

Soft Drinks

Fentimans – £1.95

Sparkling Raspberry, Ginger Beer, Dandelion and Burdock, Rose Lemonade

Bottlegreen Elderflower Presse – £1.95

Fruit Shoot – £0.60

Apple and Blackcurrant/ Orange

Coca Cola – £1.50

Regular/ Diet

San Pellegrino – £1.50

Limonata (Lemon)/ Aranciata (Orange)

Cawston’s Press – £1.50

Cloudy Apple/ Rhubarb

Squash – £0.80

Apple and Blackcurrant/ Orange

Fresh Fruit Juice – £0.80

Apple or Orange

Mineral Water – £1.45

Still/ Sparkling

Shmoo Thickshakes (Regular/ Large)

Strawberry, chocolate, banana, vanilla – £1.95/ £2.95

Cookies and Cream, Lotus Biscoff, Chocolate Mint – £2.45/ £3.45

Baileys/ Cointreau Chocolate Orange £2.95/£3.95


Available after 11:00

Cider, Lager and Beer

Please see our board or ask a member of staff for availability and prices.


We have a selection of white, rosé, red and sparkling wine, please see our board or ask a member of staff for availability and prices.

Sweet Treats

Available all day


Belgian Waffles

Served with ice cream, sauce and fresh fruit

Regular – £3.95

Large – £4.95

Mini Donuts

Served with ice cream, sauce and fresh fruit

3 for £2.95

6 for £3.95

9 for £4.95 


Made fresh every single morning right here, served with your choice of butter, clotted cream and jam

1 item – £2.45

2 items – £3.45

Yorkshire Cream Tea

A pot of tea served with a scone, clotted cream and strawberry jam

For one… £4.95

For two… £9.45

Cakes, Pastries and Sweet Treats

We constantly change and update what we have in the chiller, but you can rest assured there’ll be a mouthwatering selection of fresh baked cakes, tray bakes, pastries, muffins, cookies, flapjacks, croissants, pain au chocolate and Belgian Petit Four Choclates- dont forget to check out what we have on offer before you decide!

Weekend Breakfasts

Available Saturday and Sunday 0900-1200

The Big One

2 rashers of dry cured bacon, 2 Ellison’s award winning pork sausages, 2 eggs (poached, fried or scrambled), 2 slices of black pudding, Heinz beans, a whole grilled tomato, mushrooms, two slices of toast with butter and a tea or coffee – £8.95

Full English

2 rashers of dry cured bacon, 1 Ellison’s award winning pork sausage, 2 eggs (poached, fried or scrambled), 1 slice of black pudding, Heinz beans, half a grilled tomato, fried mushrooms, one slice of toast with butter and a tea or coffee – £6.95

Children’s Breakfast 

1 rasher of bacon, 1 sausage, 1 egg, beans, one slice of toast and a small glass of fruit juice or squash – £4.95

Eggs Benedict

A toasted English muffin, split and topped with either dry cured bacon or fried mushrooms, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – £6.45

Eggs Royale

A toasted English muffin, split and topped with smoked salmon, two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce – £7.95

The Cookhouse Crumpets

Two toasted crumpets, buttered and topped with two rashers of bacon and poached eggs – £5.45


For any dietary or allergen concerns and queries, please make us aware, and we can work with you to ensure your safety. We do feel it important to explain to customers with dietary requirements and allergies, however, that due to the small nature of our business and food preparation areas, we are unable to guarantee that any of our items are free from allergens. This is not a policy we take lightly, but we feel that your safety is paramount, and we thank you for your understanding with this.

(n) Contains nuts

(GF) We have a gluten free farmhouse loaf, crumpets, sausages and a select range of sweet treats, many of our dishes can be made suitable for a gluten free diet. Please speak to a member of the team if you require any assistance.

(v) Suitable for vegetarians

(v*) Can be made suitable for vegetarians

(ve) Suitable for vegans

(ve*) Can be made suitable for vegans